Owl Simple Mail – Sending out a piece of summer

Hello lovely people!

Summertime has always been my blooming mail season. Including the beautiful season of autumn, which I absolutely can’t wait for. For some reason sun, which I’m not very fond of, and rain, which i do love, have always been inspirational keys for me. And so after a long break that I hated, I am glad to finally pick up some postcards and envelopes and craft a lovely letter. I owe quite a few!

Today I really felt like using washi tape. Can you believe that I didn’t buy a single washi tape roll for an entire year? And not sure when will be the next time I can buy some, but I definitely can’t wait. I love washi tape so much! I can’t wait to continue growing my collection. I have been very fortunate to have generous penpals and friends who kindly sent and keep sending me samples of different tapes. I love them all so much and I thank everyone who understand my difficult time and treat me with a happy note, a postcard or even a letter.

I hope your snail mail activities go well. Though many say that summer is the temporary downfall of mail and Postcrossing, I keep seeing that it’s pretty much otherwise 🙂

Julia xxx


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