Owl Simple Mail – Glittered All Over

Hello to you all, dear blog readers!

It’s so pleasant to have picked up writing mail. Breaks are good in any hobby, but long breaks can bring only disappointment. But for the time being, I will enjoy.

This is a flipbook that I’m sending out to my Turkish penpal. She is a nice girl and I can already feel that in time to come we will be good friends as we seem to share some interests and are interested in each other’s hobbies and tastes. We’ll see how it goes 🙂

My mail took an… autumn-ish vibe despite it being summer. I think I’ll write my next blog post about it 🙂

I used a lot of glitter on this flipbook. Love love glitter! Cheap bottles, that I’m using for 2 years if not more already. Cheers to stationery and craft supplies!

I included some washi tape, a bookmarks, stickers and some thread for my penpal to have fun with. Also I attached that little keycharm I made the other day 🙂 I hope it all travels safely!

Julia xxx


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