Owl Simple Things – Christmas Fever + Mini Haul



This Friday was a very Christmas Friday. When I went out craft shopping, I truly didn’t expect or intended to buy or see anything Christmas related. I merely walked down the shop rows, browsing their windows and goods.

And then this happened. A relatively large Christmas pavillion! Click to read more about it and see some Christmas craft goods I bought.

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Owl Simple Haul – Halloween Craft Shopping


Autumn and winter are my most active crafting seasons. It’s not only time for making cards, it’s something about both seasons being inspiring. They are cold and wet, and I love such weather. I like snuggling up in warm clothes with a cup of coffee and nice music in the background, spreading all my crafting supplies on the table and making something. But I won’t be myself if I don’t go craft shopping for another pile of supplies.

Since it’s Halloween right around the corner, I decided to purchase some items that will help me create something spooky, old, distressed and so much more. Click to read more about my Halloween shopping bag contents.

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Owl Simple Haul: Art&Craft Supplies

Hello there, my dear reader! How have you been this fine summer week?

I keep spending money! Sounds good, doesn’t it? Last week I decided to go on craft shopping and buy things that aren’t usually on my TO BUY craft list. I can’t say I failed, as I bought items of my frequent use and items that I have never bought before. Let’s see how it will go.

I’d love to share with you my new art supplies!

1.┬áBASIC GREY Persimmon 6×6″ Pad


Do you see these birds? See them? Well, they are the reason I bought this set at all. I love these birds! I want to make so much with them that I don’t even know where to start. Tags, Project Life cards, mail art cuts – anything!

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