Owl Simple Mail – Collecting Stamps

Hello to all my dear readers!

I have always considered myself a hoarder, rather than a collector. While I enjoy having particular items in my possession, I never was the one to seek them out on purpose. I just like… having things. A stack of notebooks and journals? I don’t care that I don’t use them, I have them – happy! I love buying crafty things, because even if they lie around for years unused, I know that I will use them.

Okay, maybe it’s not healthy! 😀 But I sincerely enjoy it.

So when I learnt about the art of mail, still living and kicking, I was thrilled. However, I never wanted to collect stamps. Sure, I liked all the original and fun designs, and even the unusual stamps many countries come up with, it has never been a goal. Until I once had a chance to grab some cancelled stamps for free. I saw the most beautiful stamp with a doll, I think, and I realised – this is it. I must, like a faithful dragon, “hoard” all the stamps I can. And then I started raiding my mail storage, cutting out stamps, removing them from the envelopes. And that’s how I came to own a fat plastic bag of them. I can’t wait to buy an album!

Do you like collecting stamps? How many do you have in your collection? Is there a memorable one?

p.s. If you think you have some spare ones to send my way, I’ll be more than happy. Perhaps, I can myself send you something! E-mail me via owl.simple.things@gmail.com

Julia xxx


Owl Simple Mail – Glittered All Over

Hello to you all, dear blog readers!

It’s so pleasant to have picked up writing mail. Breaks are good in any hobby, but long breaks can bring only disappointment. But for the time being, I will enjoy.

This is a flipbook that I’m sending out to my Turkish penpal. She is a nice girl and I can already feel that in time to come we will be good friends as we seem to share some interests and are interested in each other’s hobbies and tastes. We’ll see how it goes 🙂

My mail took an… autumn-ish vibe despite it being summer. I think I’ll write my next blog post about it 🙂

I used a lot of glitter on this flipbook. Love love glitter! Cheap bottles, that I’m using for 2 years if not more already. Cheers to stationery and craft supplies!

I included some washi tape, a bookmarks, stickers and some thread for my penpal to have fun with. Also I attached that little keycharm I made the other day 🙂 I hope it all travels safely!

Julia xxx

Owl Simple Mail – Sending out a piece of summer

Hello lovely people!

Summertime has always been my blooming mail season. Including the beautiful season of autumn, which I absolutely can’t wait for. For some reason sun, which I’m not very fond of, and rain, which i do love, have always been inspirational keys for me. And so after a long break that I hated, I am glad to finally pick up some postcards and envelopes and craft a lovely letter. I owe quite a few!

Today I really felt like using washi tape. Can you believe that I didn’t buy a single washi tape roll for an entire year? And not sure when will be the next time I can buy some, but I definitely can’t wait. I love washi tape so much! I can’t wait to continue growing my collection. I have been very fortunate to have generous penpals and friends who kindly sent and keep sending me samples of different tapes. I love them all so much and I thank everyone who understand my difficult time and treat me with a happy note, a postcard or even a letter.

I hope your snail mail activities go well. Though many say that summer is the temporary downfall of mail and Postcrossing, I keep seeing that it’s pretty much otherwise 🙂

Julia xxx

Owl Simple Mail – A Touch Of Fly Away Spring Mail

Hello dearies!

Sharing a piece of my recent outgoing snail mail. Though I seem to have a lot of time on my hands, it isn’t so. I’m glad that from time to time I get a change to work on some cute mail for my new or not so new penpals!

Julia x.

Owl Simple Mail – Weekly Received #5


Hello! I can’t believe that I actually receive enough mail every week to share it with all of you on weekend. It makes me happy because I truly adore snail mail.

Please, click “read more” for a full mail review.

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