Owl Simple Mail – Glittered All Over

Hello to you all, dear blog readers!

It’s so pleasant to have picked up writing mail. Breaks are good in any hobby, but long breaks can bring only disappointment. But for the time being, I will enjoy.

This is a flipbook that I’m sending out to my Turkish penpal. She is a nice girl and I can already feel that in time to come we will be good friends as we seem to share some interests and are interested in each other’s hobbies and tastes. We’ll see how it goes 🙂

My mail took an… autumn-ish vibe despite it being summer. I think I’ll write my next blog post about it 🙂

I used a lot of glitter on this flipbook. Love love glitter! Cheap bottles, that I’m using for 2 years if not more already. Cheers to stationery and craft supplies!

I included some washi tape, a bookmarks, stickers and some thread for my penpal to have fun with. Also I attached that little keycharm I made the other day 🙂 I hope it all travels safely!

Julia xxx


Owl Simple Things – Key Charms Charming

Hello my dearest readers.

I know, it has been quite a while since my last entry. I have spent a lot of time, pondering on what I want to do with my blog. It felt like nothing really worked out for me, no matter what I felt about it. So I stopped blogging for this long period to collect my thoughts. And this is my decision to come back to blogging with a different kind of content, though not so varied from what I used to write before.

What will you definitely see? Snail mail. A lot of snail mail, hopefully. I will also continue posting some personal things, thoughts and pictures. Now adding a new kind of topic – geek related stuff. I never thought of posting reviews and thoughts on games, movies, shows here, but I think this is exactly what I lacked on this blog. Being a memeber of the amazing IGGPPC helps!

Let’s hope that this revamp lasts much longer and that I again feel that blogging is nota burden but a rather enjoyable hobby.

And to conclude, check out that picture of my new addiction. Well, not so new. I have always been drawn to purchasing and making tons of beads and metal charms. I made a key charm, then two, and I feel like I adore it. Do you want one, perhaps? 🙂

With lots of warm wishes for you all,

Julia xxx


Owl Simple Things – Lavender For Spring + Blog Updates

Hello dearies!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something. Life keeps going on and sometimes not in the most pleasant way. I’m currently job hunting and it’s putting me through a lot of stress. However I’m so glad I have my hobbies and friends to support me and keep my mind off disappointment.

While trying to keep things optimistic and positive, I’ve started spring cleaning and decoration! More info and pictures inside.

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St. Valentine’s Day Mini Wooden Tag Video

Hey everyone!

I am so glad to finally get some time to let my creativity flow and thus the tag was created. Inspired by the current Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge, the theme of which is Love Is In The Air + Red colour, I couldn’t wait to use these little metallic heart charms. I got them for a super low price at one of my favourite craft shops and they seemed to have meant to be together. And so they are, covered in red glitter!

I also put some red velvet paper to use. I had it in my stash since I was 5 and now it’s time I found some use for it.

You can find all supplies listed in the video description.

Julia x.

Owl Simple DIY – Vintage 2016 Art Journal Page

Hello everyone!

Hope everyone’s new year started off nicely, creatively and happily. I must say it’s rather sad that iconic music and movie figures are leaving us – David Bowie, Alan Rickman…

Yet we shouldn’t be desperate, for life goes on, fight goes on and one day cancer will be won.

Now on a happier note I’d like to share this page with you all. I wanted to try and make a nice effect of burnt edges – Maped Brush markers worked perfectly on top of a glue coat! How I do love experiments!

You can find all supplies listed in the video description.

Julia x.