Owl Simple Mail – Collecting Stamps

Hello to all my dear readers!

I have always considered myself a hoarder, rather than a collector. While I enjoy having particular items in my possession, I never was the one to seek them out on purpose. I just like… having things. A stack of notebooks and journals? I don’t care that I don’t use them, I have them – happy! I love buying crafty things, because even if they lie around for years unused, I know that I will use them.

Okay, maybe it’s not healthy! 😀 But I sincerely enjoy it.

So when I learnt about the art of mail, still living and kicking, I was thrilled. However, I never wanted to collect stamps. Sure, I liked all the original and fun designs, and even the unusual stamps many countries come up with, it has never been a goal. Until I once had a chance to grab some cancelled stamps for free. I saw the most beautiful stamp with a doll, I think, and I realised – this is it. I must, like a faithful dragon, “hoard” all the stamps I can. And then I started raiding my mail storage, cutting out stamps, removing them from the envelopes. And that’s how I came to own a fat plastic bag of them. I can’t wait to buy an album!

Do you like collecting stamps? How many do you have in your collection? Is there a memorable one?

p.s. If you think you have some spare ones to send my way, I’ll be more than happy. Perhaps, I can myself send you something! E-mail me via owl.simple.things@gmail.com

Julia xxx


3 thoughts on “Owl Simple Mail – Collecting Stamps

  1. I don’t collect stamps really. I don’t like taking them off the letters I get from pen pals because I like to keep them as they are but when I do once off swaps, I either take the stamps off and use them in my journaling for that day or stick the nice looking ones into a sketchpad…I guess that’s collecting them!

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    • Sounds like a good idea too! 🙂 I used some of them to decorate my scrapbook (which I never quite kept :D) and glued some in my journal too. That’s a nice way to keep them 🙂


  2. I am definitely the same, a bit of a hoarder! While I don’t necessarily collect stamps, I do still send letters to my friends, and I’ve now amassed a nice little pile of stamps! Love your collection so far, my favourite stamps are the ones with birds on them. – Tasha


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