Owl Simple Things – Craving for Autumn (Bucket List)

Hello, dear readers!

Some of you may know my deep love to the season of fall. I loved this part of year since forever. I remember collecting golden and red leaves, picking up chestnuts, dancing in the rain… But when I joined this crazy thing called Internet, and dived in its crafty side in particular, a brand new view on the autumn was given to me. I can see how much more you can do, how much more enjoyable you can make this season. So I decided that this time I will make up a bucket list (more like a plan) for this fall and I do hope to fulfil most of the points.

  • Harry Potter movies marathon;
  • Brew butterbeer;
  • Make mulled wine;
  • Walk in the forest after rain;
  • Bake apple&cinnamon treats;
  • Try cider;
  • Go on a bike ride;
  • Read at least 3 books;
  • Collect and press leaves;
  • Make a fake pumpkin patch;

Do you have any fun plans for this autumn? Maybe you have some activity to offer me to participate in? 🙂

Julia xxx.


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