Owl Simple Things – Gardening Adventures Begin!

Hello everyone 🙂 Long time no see, eh?

I am back with a shiny new entry about what I’m doing this spring. Gardening!

I find myself holding my metal spoon for gardening and a bag of soil and tiny seeds in my hand. I’ve never been one to care well for plants but for some reason my desire to grow little green friends was unbeatable. And so after a quick visit to the local home shop, I bought some white forest strawberry seeds. My mother provided me a bag of cat grass to add to my tiny windowsill garden.

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Owl Simple Links – Weekly Link Up

february picks 3

Hello everyone!

I have been browsing through various sources, links and blogs and found some cute and inspirational stuff for you to check out this February.

Spring is knocking on the door and I think it’s a great idea to start thinking of something flowery, bright and pleasant.

Link up is down in this entry!

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Owl Simple Mail – A Touch Of Fly Away Spring Mail

Hello dearies!

Sharing a piece of my recent outgoing snail mail. Though I seem to have a lot of time on my hands, it isn’t so. I’m glad that from time to time I get a change to work on some cute mail for my new or not so new penpals!

Julia x.

Owl Simple Things – Lavender For Spring + Blog Updates

Hello dearies!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something. Life keeps going on and sometimes not in the most pleasant way. I’m currently job hunting and it’s putting me through a lot of stress. However I’m so glad I have my hobbies and friends to support me and keep my mind off disappointment.

While trying to keep things optimistic and positive, I’ve started spring cleaning and decoration! More info and pictures inside.

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St. Valentine’s Day Mini Wooden Tag Video

Hey everyone!

I am so glad to finally get some time to let my creativity flow and thus the tag was created. Inspired by the current Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge, the theme of which is Love Is In The Air + Red colour, I couldn’t wait to use these little metallic heart charms. I got them for a super low price at one of my favourite craft shops and they seemed to have meant to be together. And so they are, covered in red glitter!

I also put some red velvet paper to use. I had it in my stash since I was 5 and now it’s time I found some use for it.

You can find all supplies listed in the video description.

Julia x.