Owl Simple Things – Gardening Adventures Begin!

Hello everyone 🙂 Long time no see, eh?

I am back with a shiny new entry about what I’m doing this spring. Gardening!

I find myself holding my metal spoon for gardening and a bag of soil and tiny seeds in my hand. I’ve never been one to care well for plants but for some reason my desire to grow little green friends was unbeatable. And so after a quick visit to the local home shop, I bought some white forest strawberry seeds. My mother provided me a bag of cat grass to add to my tiny windowsill garden.

Click to read more and see some other pictures!

These are the cat grass seeds. I am trying to follow the advice on the package, so let’s hope they will start growing very soon.

Surprisingly, I manage to find strength and will to take care of my new plant pets. I get up and check on them, I try to manage light, I water them and help them breathe. Doesn’t sound like me, but I enjoy this little change in my daily routine.

By the way, the plant that you see as my entry picture is a crassula, that has fallen off a bigger tree 😀 I called this little one Philippe, so say hi to Philippe. I can’t wait for him to start growing roots, so that later he can move to a nice big pot.

You can also see some covered pots that already have forest strawberry seeds in them. I don’t really know how to grow them and I had to read up a lot on the internet, so let’s hope they’ll sprout and this or next summer I’ll enjoy the taste of little white berries.

Are you into gardening? Maybe you have a piece of advice for me or you can recommend what flowers to grow on my balcony or windowsill?

Julia x.


One thought on “Owl Simple Things – Gardening Adventures Begin!

  1. Hi Philippe! *Waves* Good luck on your gardening adventure – I hope you’ll share the progress. Your pictures are so bright and springy, they make me happy. And I really hope your strawberries will grow into delicious tiny beings 🙂


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