Owl Simple Links – Weekly Link Up

february picks 3

Hello everyone!

I have been browsing through various sources, links and blogs and found some cute and inspirational stuff for you to check out this February.

Spring is knocking on the door and I think it’s a great idea to start thinking of something flowery, bright and pleasant.

Link up is down in this entry!

  1. Oriental Trading – Easy Garden Dirt Pudding Cups. These cute dessert ideas are adorable and I think that adults will love them as much as children will!
  2. DIY Candy – Hello Cactus Painted Pots. For some time now I’ve been obsessed with cactuses and these tiny easy plant pots are perfect to have around this spring.
  3. Oriental Trading – Colorful DIY Paper Flower Garland. This garland is such an easy way of decorating your rooms and costs very little.
  4. Young Living – 10 Inspiring Quotes to Keep You in Your New Year’s Groove.
  5. Almost Makes Perfect – Creme Brulee French Toast. A nice dessert to make your mouth watering 🙂

Hope you will have fun trying out these links and perhaps you’ll find another blog you enjoy reading!

Julia x.


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