Owl Simple Things – Lavender For Spring + Blog Updates

Hello dearies!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something. Life keeps going on and sometimes not in the most pleasant way. I’m currently job hunting and it’s putting me through a lot of stress. However I’m so glad I have my hobbies and friends to support me and keep my mind off disappointment.

While trying to keep things optimistic and positive, I’ve started spring cleaning and decoration! More info and pictures inside.

I find throwing things out strangely… pleasing. It’s not just making space for new stuff or simply getting rid of whatever you don’t need anymore. It’s also cutting out parts of your life, maybe unpleasant or just stressing. It’s true how they say that way too many things in the room in your eyesight is going to be rather stressful. Now that my room is getting cleaner, it also gets brighter and much lighter.

I plan to work on more decorating of my room. I want to plant some flowers. I’m not good with home plants and always forget to water them. But I definitely want to change it and bringing some activity in, raising up flowers to cheer my eyes, would prove good.

See, I am getting addicted to lavender again 🙂

Also, you might want to notice a few minor changes round my blog. I will definitely keep on posting videos, but apart from that I’m returning the touch of my personal life here. Snail mail, thoughts, reviews and link round ups are coming back for certain! I hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog.

Thank you.

Julia x.


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