Owl Simple Goals – December Goals + Link Round Up

december goals

Hello everyone! Happy sunday to you all. Don’t you just love the sleepy lazy mornings of sunday, slowly sipping your coffee and getting energy for all fun things of the day? I absolutely love it.

I prepared a little treat for you. Who doesn’t enjoy hunting down interesting blogs? Sometimes you aren’t even doing it and somehow manage to come across an eye candy. And then, an hour later, you find yourself still clicking through this blog or site, because it’s so interesting.

link round up

  • Drop by my YT channel to see my latest Holly Jolly ATC series;
  • Looking for pretty December desktop images? Check out my Pinterest Board;
  • Christmas is time for gingerbread. I absolutely recommend you to visit this gingerbread goodness with lots of amusing scenes and stories, all made with delicious gingerbread by Rosa;
  • I found this blog and it’s too good to miss it. Shop with nice printables, mail ideas, DIYs! Head over to meet Lily & Val;

Click “read more” to see my December Goals.

I am a bit late this month with my December goals, but nontheless, here they are.

  1. Work on my blog design. It’s time to update, to change and most importantly to improve. You are also very likely to see a new logo!
  2. Follow my planner. Yes, I have a planner. Finally. And it feels like this one isn’t going down the rubbish bin with only one page finished 🙂
  3. Shakespeare readings! Finally, this month has come. The books are waiting for me on their personal shelf and I can’t wait to get started.
  4. Finish Christmas & New Year cards. This year I’m going for no cost gifts, which is sad. But I can still make cards!

Well, we’ll see what happens by the end of this month and, oh my God, year!

Speaking of November goals, I can’t say I succeeded very much. Reading – not really. Blogging? Oh yes!

Julia x.


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