Owl Simple DIY – Merry & Bright Wooden Sign Video

Hello everyone! It is this time of year when you start pulling out boxes full of ornaments, garlands and other pretty things to decorate your home with. I have already started seasonal cleaning to begin the new year clean, nice and cozy. Starting this autumn I began decorating my room in a seasonal way and when I put down all the autumn garlands from the walls, I realised I have nothing to replace them with. All garlands will go on a New Year tree! So I decided it was time to take paints in my hands and create something myself.

I had this wooden sign for quite a while and planned to make it an autumn-themed one, but I never did. Well, now it is a beautiful, snowy and festive sign to make my room cozier.

Click “read more” for a supply list.

Julia x.


  • Wooden Sign
  • Acrylic Paints White, Red
  • Simon Says Stamps White Pigment Ink
  • Rayher Snowflake Stencil

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