Owl Simple Things – Mid-November Tales


Hello, dear readers!

It’s high time I talked about my life a bit. Crafting is all good and well and I’m working very hard to bring you 12 ATC videos Advent! I am very excited and trust me, you will get a lot of fun card ideas to share with your friends.

November is getting colder and I won’t be surprised if it starts snowing soon. For now weather forecasts promise us rains. Not too bad, if you ask me.

So, let’s see what I’ve managed to do so far in this month and how much there is left.

  • Definitely more videos and projects. I shoot about 2 videos every day and it’s quite exhausting. But I enjoy it to bits! Also now I’ve started art journalling and it’s a much more successful attempt than the previous one.
  • Reading… less. Shame on me! I stopped reading my November list when I dared to sneak peek at the end of Divergent Trilogy. Now I’m stunned and don’t want to read the story anymore. I am, however, soon moving to Jane Austen’s “Emma”.
  • I dealt with my late mail. Thumbs up for me!
  • I’m definitely drawing much more than before. I can’t get my hands off my favourite craft sketchpad and I keep drawing Doctor Who characters. The Doctor and Rose aren’t leaving the pages of my sketchbook in the nearest future if ever.

And how are your goals going on so far? Have you already managed to do what you planned?

Julia x.


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