Owl Simple Printables – Typed Words Printable Part I


Hello there! I’m here with a little treat for you today.

Once I started my mixed media adventures, I almost immediately faced a problem – where do I get new sentiments? My stamps, however much I like them, are not always what I need or want on my cards. So I came up with two solutions – write them yourself with a pen or print them!

I really like the second option and I created a small table of words, that can be used in various expressions and combinations. I made them look like they are fresh out of a typewriter. Feel free to print it on office paper, sticky paper, thick paper (check if you printer can handle it) and do watever you like with them! You can also scale the sheet down if you want smaller words, but the scale I made seems to be lovely for ATCs as well as journal pages. I tried to add pronouns and verbs for you to experiment.

Please let me know in comments if you used the printable in your projects and what words/fonts you’d like to see in the next part!

Click here to get your Mixed Media Word Printable Part I sheet

Julia x.


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