Owl Simple Mail – Weekly Received #5


Hello! I can’t believe that I actually receive enough mail every week to share it with all of you on weekend. It makes me happy because I truly adore snail mail.

Please, click “read more” for a full mail review.


Halloween theme is still on and I think it will dissolve only by the end of November. And it’s not bad! I have received some truly cute happy mail, Halloween mail and a lovely Postcrossing card.


This mail has truly made my week. Maybe even my month. It’s so cute, don’t you just love this bulb clip (I am SO using it for my planner) and the owl bookmark? I am in love. Thank you so much, Amanda, for this cute happy mail! By the way, a letter and stickers will be on their way to you very very soon. Yes, I’m so horribly late on mail…


A very very very lovely Halloween card. It’s simple and bright and I’ll be happy to keep it for a while on my shelf! And the stickers… They speak for themselves. Thank you, Tracey, you absolutely spoil me.

The card you see as the main image of this entry is sent by Franny, who really does spoil me too. Thank you so so so much!

Julia x.


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