Owl Simple Things – November Goals List

november goals

It’s that time again, time of planning, building up ideas for the month and trying to fulfil them. November makes us all closer to Christmas and I definitely am going to do a lot to prepare for the merry winter time. Let’s see if I manage to do all that I plan to!

  1. Make more videos of my YouTube channel. I promise that there is quite a lot to come, stay tuned and do subscribe.
  2. Finish reading at least 5 books. There are still a lot of amazing books I have on my shelf unread or partly read. What I must read or finish reading: “Mansfield Park” and “Emma” by Jane Austen, “Truth About Us” by Max Frei, “Divergent” and “Insurgent” by Veronica Roth. And, if I can, “The Windup Girl” by Paolo Bacigalupi. Something tells me that December will be Shakespeare reading time!
  3. Deal with all late mail. Because it’s getting scary.
  4. Write in this blog more often. Inspiration must flow, ideas must be shared.
  5. Finish drawing the two pictures I started. I still have Phantom from The Phantom of the Opera unfinished as well as a portrait of my dear cousin. Hopefully I can finish them this month!

Well, let’s see by the end of November if I manage to do all this. Share your goals with me!

Julia x.


9 thoughts on “Owl Simple Things – November Goals List

  1. Good luck! It looks like you have a busy month ahead of you. I’ve just subscribed to your YouTube channel, and I really like the videos you have up so far, so I’m excited to see more! Oh, and let me know if you finish The Windup Girl! We are reading it in my book-club in January, and I’d like to know if I should get excited.

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    • Thank you, Rosa, I am so glad you are enjoying the videos 🙂 I hope to put one up tonight.
      As for The Windup Girl, I have started reading it already some time ago but had to put away for the time being. Should you get excited? Yes. It’s exciting but it’s terrifying in some way and it will make you face and think what we humans are. Anyway, I am sure you’ll enjoy it!


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