Owl Simple Mail – Weekly Received #4


It’s another weekend and happens to be a Halloween one! I hope you had loads of fun with costumes, trick-or-treating and other cool Halloween things.

Click to read more and see what I received this week!


I received this absolutely incredible ATC! I love the Halloween stickers used so much. The card is raised up very high with them and I keep poking the little decorations. Just because they are so cute!

I received it as a part of IGGPPC Halloween Card Swap from Jennifer and I just love this little adorable thing!


A week without postcards is a boring week. I am happy though because my week was quite full of them. I am particularly fond of this mountain card because it’s such a breathtaking incredible view. Believe it or not, it’s located in Russia! What a world we have, how beautiful it is, is it not?

Other cards arrived from my penpal in the UK and through Postcrossing from Germany.


I also had some fun with my British penpal Kyrie. We are experimenting with Belarusian and British mail service and so far the results are terrifying. I received a letter from her which was considered long lost! Well, by the state in which it arrived, it was indeed lost. Still, some letter is better than none and at least it arrived! Thanks, Kyrie, for the cards and the letters 🙂

Hope you had a full mail week! Happy Halloween!

Julia x.


5 thoughts on “Owl Simple Mail – Weekly Received #4

  1. So much mail, and that ATC is so cute!
    I was looking at the pictures in that last one I thought the handwriting looked familiar, I was like ‘I definitely know that handwriting!’ and then I read the name Kyrie, yup! I did know it, she’s one of my pen pals too 😀


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