Owl Simple DIY – Gothic Halloween ATC


Halloween is closer and closer with every day and I’m getting strangely excited about it. I mean, Halloween isn’t really celebrated here, but craft-wise it makes me heart jump up and down!

This time I decided to go for a gothic Halloween. I mean, could it be more gothic? Spooky haunted portraits and spiderweb hanging off the brass expensive chandeliers. Very atmospheric, isn’t it? Click to read more.

I used some interesting tips that I found here and there on the web to create this card. First of all I made a coat of black acrylic paint on the bas which I late covered with crackle medium (which, alas, didn’t work! Did I do something wrong?). Over it I went with a coat of red acrylic paint and it turned into a nice bloodied burlesque-ish pattern. Then I used my frame stamp with some golden acrylic paint to make the actual frame.

My next stop was to prepare all the pieces to put on top of the background, such as ripped pattern paper, the image, the sentiment, lace and the die-cut web. I didn’t have black lace, so my black acrylic paint joined the game, which I also used to cover the web die-cut.

I arranged it all the way I wanted it to be on my card and used my new glue. I must say it’s an interesting one for I tried to make a coat of it over the pieces and it created a sort of glossy surface on it. A thing to take in consideration!

p.s. Now I’m using a new camera that is in my new phone. Any image difference yet?



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