Owl Simple DIY – Halloween Card & ATCs


I am now participating in countless swaps, but this one is a particular one! A Halloween card swap and I’m truly very excited for it. Halloween is not widely celebrated here and it’s a real quest to find any sort of Halloween related crafting supplies. But a spark of inspiration and creativity makes the day. Click to read more!

I realise with every day more and more that ATCs are becoming my nearly daily activity. Perhaps with time I’ll spend less time over them, but some time for sure. I found some swap partners who kindly agreed to swap not only folding cards, but Halloween ATCs. I created these two and it was fun and challenging for me.

I had to rummage in my old boxes for cuts and cards from various pattern paper sets. I was quite surprised to find so many interesting pieces that can be easily implemented in a Halloween card design. Words, sentiments, texts, patterns and so much more – all went into work! Funny how this girl from the first card is actually a cut from a very pink and very cute little ephemera card. Ah the things Distress Inks do!


It’s been quite a while since I made a full folding card. But the time has come! I had this poisonous green cardstock alng with some dark brown one. They work together in a funny colour combination! I had to print a cauldron to make my own one from the black cardstock and I used my new bronze paint to add some detail to it. Covered the cauldron liquid with glitter (because you remember, glitter rules the world!). And voila – what’s brewing there, witches and wizards?



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