Owl Simple Mail – Weekly Received #1


Starting this Saturday I’m going to share all my weekly received mail with you! And I think it’s good time to start since this week made me and my mailbox really happy. Postcards, letters, washi tape samples and other pleasant surprises! Click to read more to see my week in mail.

My mail story started with Postcrossing. It’s been 4 years since I joined the project and though I had long breaks from it, I never stopped loving receiving postcards, letters and sending them as well. This week brought me cards from France, Ukraine, Malaysia, the Netherlands and the UK. What made my week is a postcard from Ukraine, which I longed to receive for many months now and finally it appeared in my mailbox! Don’t you just love such days?

Thanks to a fellow penpal and iggle Kyrie to a great postcard from Britain, it’s very cute!


One of very pleasant surprises I had this week was a letter from Kim. We met though Postcrossing and she is collecting cards for her son’s birthday. He loves to travel and I decided to participate and send him a birthday postcard from my city. As a thank you I received this amazing envelope with incredibly beautiful stamps! Such wonderful views. Inside I found a variety of great things, such as a small notebook with embossed Canada symbol and name, die-cut letter and card, owl post it notes and 2 Johanna Basford’s postcards! Haven’t decided where to send them yet, but they certainly need colouring first. Thank you so much, Kim, for this amazing envelope!


A few weeks ago I invited some people to join in a washi tape samples swap. Who doesn’t love washi tape and who doesn’t want to expand their treasures with some new pretty tapes. This week I received 2 of the first envelopes, and this particular one came from Franny. I fell in love with the stamps from the first glance! I mean, Elvis stamps, YAY! Inside I found such adorable cute washi tape samples! I really love the glitter silver one, maybe I’ll manage to get a full roll somewhere? Thank you Franny for this amazing swap, I hope you like what I sent.


The second envelope made my jaw drop with the amount of patterns and colours on it. I don’t think I’ve ever received brighter envelope! This one traveled all the way from the USA from May (click to visit her Etsy shop). It came with such a variety of stickers, washi tapes and even some stationery, that I start thinking of sending another washi tape swap to her! I can’t even thank her enough for this lovely package, with alon with Franny’s letter made my day!



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