Owl Simple Haul – Halloween Craft Shopping


Autumn and winter are my most active crafting seasons. It’s not only time for making cards, it’s something about both seasons being inspiring. They are cold and wet, and I love such weather. I like snuggling up in warm clothes with a cup of coffee and nice music in the background, spreading all my crafting supplies on the table and making something. But I won’t be myself if I don’t go craft shopping for another pile of supplies.

Since it’s Halloween right around the corner, I decided to purchase some items that will help me create something spooky, old, distressed and so much more. Click to read more about my Halloween shopping bag contents.

I am an absolute fan of pattern paper. I mostly prefer 6×6″ pads, but sometimes I purchase 12×12″ paper sheets if I know I’ll need more. For my Halloween theme I decided to buy some black cardstock, which is almost velvet to touch. Also I got myself some word-covered paper, unfortunately, I don’t know what the brand is, but do let me know if you know it! In addition I found some cute Christmas and Autumn paper with cuts from Prima.


Who doesn’t like distressed look! I couldn’t help purchasing a bottle of acrylic bronze! It’s a new arrival and it was created specifically for the local craft shop. I have also purchased some glue there, because glue.

Apart from getting ready for Halloween, I decided to take some nice stuff for Christmas. I found this bottle of very cute bright transparent glitter from Rayher which shines with all colours when put under light. Very pretty and will definitely go for snowflakes.


What is Halloween without vintage, ask me. And I shall tell you – it’s okay, but vintage is just another haunted side. I bought some nice tiny brads, looking like nails, and some black ribbon to add to my cards, ATC cards and tags.

This is my little Halloween haul. And what have you purchased for this haunted holiday?



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