Owl Simple Things – What Next


I find it hard to find what exactly I want to blog about. Everyday I get many ideas that I think could be interesting to write and read, but in a week I’ll burn out on this topic and will move on. I suppose that choosing something that I have been sticking to for a long time is the best way of choosing my topics in blogging.

Why find particular themes? For one thing, it’s better to gain audience, that knows what exactly to expect in every new post, be it a post about a trip, make up or DIY tutorial. Personally I have been jumping from thing to thing, unable to choose one and lacking organisation.

In this post I wanted to share with you what you should expect to see more on this blog.

  • DIY tutorials and regular craft posts. I am a very crafty creative person, who likes creating things either from my own imagination or taking someone’s idea for a try. I craft every other day and I do want to share my crafts with you.
  • Snail Mail. Every week I will gather all that I received during 7 days and show it to you. Perhaps, now and then I’ll also share my own mail that I send to my friends.
  • Shopping hauls. Shopping is a huge part of my life, be it purchasing pens and pencils or various craft supplies. What I am defenitely going to do is to share it with you!

I hope this will help me improve my blogging experience and interest you in coming here and diving into crafty adventures with me. Please tell me in comments if you think I could blog about something else, something you’d like to hear/see.



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