Owl Simple Style – October Preparations


Hello, dear readers!

October is but 2 days away, but I am already armed with some fancy new nail polishes. Who doesn’t love pretty nails? I certainly do, so my nail polish collection is increasing at a scary speed.

So what are my style choices for this month?

  1. Orange Nail Polish. I have never tried using truly vibrant and bright colours but I think this is the right time. This nail polish has such a warm colour, it makes me think of a thick blanket under which you can hide and warm up with a book.
  2. Black&Gold Nail Polish. Sparkles are everything! And this polish will certainly make your nails shine, be it a rainy day or a bright sunny one.
  3. Owl Necklace. Owl. I think that says it!
  4. Owl Earrings. This was a gift from my boyfriend back on my Birthday. These earrings are so adorable and so thin, like a lace, I absolutely love them. And they go so well with my current colour choice!

What are your October choices? Perhaps, you too have written a post about it? Share!

Julia x.


2 thoughts on “Owl Simple Style – October Preparations

  1. Those owls! SOOO CUTE! I don’t really have any style choices this month, or any month. I wish I did. Right now it’s a battle just to find clothes that fit. *sigh*


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