Owl Simple Things – Be Thankful


Hello, my dear readers!

Recently I have been thinking a lot about such a simple thing as being thankful. Surprisingly I find that despite feeling grateful, we hardly ever express it in words or actions. People start forgetting this word, they ignore it, replace it and what is disturbing is that they don’t even notice it.

But “thank you” are such magical words. Say them to a shop manager who helped you and watch their face glow with a smile. When I go shopping, I hardly ever hear anyone say thank you to the cashiers.

But this is only a tiny piece of a huge picture. Never forget to thank your child for help. Tell you husband or wife a kind thank you for doing a small house chore. Say thank you for a person who held the door for you, say thank you if someone picked up something you’ve lost, just say thank you and make this world better.

The Thanksgiving Day is nearing, though we don’t celebrate it in my country. Nevertheless, it never hurts to BE thankful every day, every single day of your life. Thankful for what you have, for what exists, for people around you who care and love you. And if you feel bad, this migh help you remember that you have something.

Please note that I don’t call out to be thankful on a basis of religion, no. This is something in our hearts that we hold that should be expressed.

And did you say thank you to anyone today?

Julia x.


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