Owl Simple Things – This & That


Hello, my dear readers!

I am resuming my blogging activities and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I am taking it quite slowly, but I hope that at some point my efforts will be paid off. This is the thing with blogging, it’s hard to write with no response but thanks to you all I can see what you like to read and what I can share with you all.

To set off into this engaging adventure of pictures and text I want to set some goals that I wish you achieve in October, which is nearly here.

  • Less computer – more activity! Despite having a new laptop, I wish to spend less time sitting at it. I want to read, to craft, to draw, to run in the evening and so much more. Also I am soon moving to an office, which means I’ll spend less time procrastinating.
  • Exersizing! I am afraid I have let myself go in this area and I want to go back to my shape. Drink more water, do exersizes, eat less unhealthy food.
  • Cook more often! Recently I discovered I might be able to cook. So why waste time – take Pinterest in your hands and go to the kitchen! Recipes await.
  • Write this blog constantly and follow the schedule. I want my blog to be active once more and I want it to be better than ever

These are my main goals. Tell me in the comments if you have achieved your summer, September, year goals?

Have a great week,
Julia x.


6 thoughts on “Owl Simple Things – This & That

    • Yeah, that’s a truly good idea to try and cook more! I have been browsing Pinterest on a subject of autumn recipes and there are quite a lot of tasty dishes that are easy to cook and tasty to eat!


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