Owl Simple Things – Belovezhskaya Pushcha


Hello, my dear reader! I haven’t been blogging much during the past week or two, mainly due to the trip I took last weekend. The desicion to go there was very rushed and unexpected which caused a lot of stress and worry. But now that it’s over (an oh, it was so worth it!), I can savour the memories and share something with you.

Despite living in Belarus all my life, I’ve never visited one of the most famous places in my country –¬†Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park. It’s quite huge and truly beautiful. I don’t think I would have gone there for no particular reason, but this time I had someone to meet there and the decision to go there was made. I had only two days (one day, if you count all the train travelling) to enjoy the nature of the Park. It has a large forest and museums inside.

On Saturday we got quite lucky. The weather was sunny and warm with no rain but with strong winds. We walked a lot, but didn’t take many pictures. I took two pretty pictures of the swamped stream under the bridge, which we crossed.


I can’t say much about this day. We just talked. And walked. And both were too tired to go on any nature adventures.

The next day, though, we ventured right into the forest. The Park is famous for breeding the dying kin of the bisons – that’s why the bison is often a mark of Belarus. We bought tickets to go into the part of the forest where the animals are kept… Should I say I was confused? I really was. I saw nothing but a zoo, a poorly kept zoo. Perhaps, I haven’t understood something… But I do know the bisons are bred there, perhaps, just not in this part of the park, where people walk around and annoy them.



As that Sunday the weather turned absolutely opposite – rainy and very very cold – we got soaking wet, but finished our journey. After getting so cold that shivers were making our arms twitch, we joined the many park visitors under a wooden roof of a gazebo with a plate with pancakes and raspberry jam.

A short trip it was, I am glad it’s happened. And I’m glad it’s over.

And what was your last encounter with nature?


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