Owl Simple Tags – The Liebster Award

Hello, dear reader! It happens so that my blog has been nominated for Liebster Award. I am so flattered and happy about it! The nomination comes from my dearest friend yoshi, you should definitely check her blog out as she is the sweetest of people I know and shares a lot of positive thoughts.

Now, there are some rules, and here they are:

I don’t know many bloggers yet who haven’t been (or I just don’t know about it :D) nominated for the Liebster award, so if you wish, you can participate even if you haven’t been listed! I love all my readers!

Well, here we go!

1) Which person currently inspires you the most?

I think it’s my friend from Sweden. We know each other for quite a while and I know something about her real life and I am amazed to see how she struggles with everything, smashing all problems away with inspiration and determination. I am not sure I can be like her, but her actions and determination are sure inspiring!

2) What is your guilty fashion pleasure?

Not sure I have one! I’m hardly interested in fashion, I prefer clothing and styling of my own choice and taste.

3) What pet would you like to have, if you could choose any that exists in this or any other (fictional) world?

An owl! I want an owl so much, it’s hardly possible to express HOW much. Of course, an owl from the magical Harry Potter world.

4) What’s your relationship with the color pink?

SouthPole and North Pole. Very far from each other. “And stay out!”

5) If you could have any real or fictional person as sibling, whom would you pick?

I’m not a person who’d wish to have a sibling, but if so, I’d be happy to have someone as Jane Eyre, probably, who could guide me with wisdom even in her young age and help me suppress my feelings.

6) What is the weirdest movie you ever watched?

“Into The Woods”. When it was over, my face was a pure expression of “What did just happen?”

7) Do you have a quirky word or phrase you often use when talking?

I say “aye” a lot. Actually my quirky word changes every few months, depending on what I am watching or reading. For now it’s “aye”!

8) Who was your childhood crush?

Prince Aliii, fabulous heee…. Oh. Aladdin, in other words, haha. It was my favourite Disney cartoon and it still is!

9) Who is your favorite artist?

Depends. If speaking of art as in museums, galleries and etc. then I’m very fond of Aivazovskiy, the russian painter. His works fascinate me with colours and ideas. If speaking of more modern art, I totally recommend you all to check out Halorvic on Tumblr.

10) If you had to fight a one on one combat with anyone you don’t like, who would be your opponent?

Can I combat Mr. Collins from Pride and Prejudice? I agree to have a sword fight with him. Such an annoying character!

11) If all the coffee and energy drinks in this world suddenly vanished and there were no way to make new ones, how would that influence your sanity?

I won’t really care apart from losing a very taste drink. Coffee doesn’t work as an energizer for me, it’s more of an enjoyable drink for any time of day. So I will chill!

Facts about me:

  1. I’m a piano player. I’ve been playing for many years now, but what I’ve never mastered is the science of composing. Give me sheet music and I’ll play it for you, but make up a song? Impossible.
  2. I have a pet, a cat Marquisa. And she’s a real queen, living up to her name.
  3. I’ve never tried beer. Like never ever.
  4. I love English, the UK and all you British people.
  5. I adore owls. I have two owl plushies, Rose and Hedwig, a ton of owl jewelry and well… Look at the name of my blog. Also I’m an owl about sleeping, easily staying up late.
  6. I speak 3 languages (Belarusian, Russian and English) and I’m studying two more (German and French).
  7. I’ve never been abroad. Lame.
  8. I’ve never been drunk. I do like wine and some stronger drinks, but I know my limits and never drink a lot.
  9. My favourite colours are dark red and ice blue.
  10. I’m a craft and book shopaholic.
  11. I prefer silver to gold.

Well, I hope you’ve learnt out something about me! Here are my 11 questions for you to answer:

  1. Do you have any addictions?
  2. If you could choose in which country/fictional reality to be born, which one would you choose?
  3. What is the most valuable (and not in money, more like in history or in feelings) item for you?
  4. How have your relationships with Internet started?
  5. What was the most unusual food you tried?
  6. Have you ever met a celebrity?
  7. What book influenced you most?
  8. Do you like dogs, cats or all animals whatsoever?
  9. What is your attitude to high fashion?
  10. Music guilty pleasure?
  11. Why have you decided to start blogging?

I hope you’ll find all  this interesting. Thank you for reading!

Julia x.


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