Owl Simple DIY – One Sentence Journal Cover Remade


Hello, my dear reader!

Sometimes I have stronge creative urges that inspire me and make me sit down and create, create, create. Yesterday was one of such inspirational afternoons. I suddenly realised that my smashbook serves no purpose and I don’t like the cover! That was quite a decision to rip the cover off and create a new one. Hence a new journal, One Sentence Journal, appeared! I’ll share details about it later! For now, I’d love to share my steps of re-creating the notebook!

This is how my smashbook used to look like:

What did I do to create such a cover?

1. Ripped the old cover off! Don’t be afraid to remake old things. Perhaps, something you can do better now, so don’t hesitate, don’t cry about it, don’t “oh no, I worked so hard on it” about it.

2. Cut a piece of pattern paper to make a new cover pattern and close the holes and rips after the older ones.

3. Used a butterfly stencil + red acrylic paint to make a butterfly. Details were added with a simple black gel pen.

4. Glues down a wooden bicycle. I just love it. I love this bicycle so much!

5. Added more details! Stickers, metal butterfly and etc.

Notebook is originally from Daler Rowney.

Have you ever tried remaking one of your projects? How and why?

Julia x.


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