Owl Simple Style – Morgana Pendragon


Good day, my dear reader.

I should say I haven’t been into make up and jewelry much (though cross out the latter), but recently I just can’t stop myself. And I enjoy it!

I have always been affected by my favourite books, TV shows and movies in the choice of my look. Glosses, shadows, jewelry – all that can often be traced back to some character. This time I want to share with you my affection to Morgana Pendragon – a character from BBC Merlin series.

I adore the color palettes that the make up crew chooses for Morgana’s character. It also changes in an interesting way with the flow of the series. I have chosen one of my favourite Morgana’s look to talk about – her red lips, teal-green-silver like style.

1. Silver/Teal Nail Polish

These two colour are a win, in my opinion. There is no way you can lose with them, especially if you have a pale complexion, like I do. I have purchased these two polishes and I just can’t wait to see how beautiful they will go together. The teal nail polish is very smooth and full of colour, while the silver one is rougher on touch.

2. Pearl Jewelry Set

Morgana’s jewelry is always full of taste and elegance. Unfortunately, I’m not a rich lady to afford all the beaties she can have. But does it stop me? Not at all. Fortunately, these days you cna purchase free jewelry which will have a truly amazing look. And should I mention how well it will look with the nail polishes of my choice?

3. Red Gloss

Red colour is something I adore. Red lips make me shiver, because it’s passion and beauty in one bottle. What you should remember, when using this kind of lip gloss, is that you must be absolutely precise. Your lips must look perfect and for this you might want to use a lip pencil, like I have to, since my lips have a weird shape.

I hope you enjoyed my little style note. I won’t be posting much of these, but I felt I needed to share! And what’s your geeky choice of look?

Julia x.


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