Owl Simple Movies – Humans

Hello, my dear reader.

I don’t usually review TV shows, but the brand new series “Humans” made me do it. Blame this piece of cinema art for all that follows.

When I first heard of this TV show, I was excited at once for one simple reason – I am a fan of Colin Morgan’s acting. I enjoyed his successful part in the “Merlin” series and it brought me to acquainting myself with his other works. I waited patiently for the series to start.

Why do I find it strange that I decided on watching it at all? Because I am not a sci-fi fan. When I watched the trailer, when I read the articles, I was sure it’s another story about something unnatural, about future and sci-fi. But I couldn’t be more wrong and I changed my mind when I watched the first episode.

This show is hardly about the tech. It’s about us, “Humans”. Don’t you just love the word game? This show tells us a story from a parallel point of view, about the world where science went further and managed to create a synth – a synthetic being, looking like a human. They made them their slaves, pushing all the hard work (and not only) to the new kind of creatures. Automatic, programmed to serve they were expected to stay like this.

And this is where they hit a problem. What if a synth had feelings? And are they truly synths? This is an amazing gripping mystery of the show, the story of a man called Leo (Colin Morgan) and his family – Fred (Sope Dirisu), Niska (Emily Berrington), Max (Ivanno Jeremiah) – as he is searching for his beloved one.

Apart from this, we take a look at people as human beings. How do they treat these creatures? Are they kind to them? Do they call them “it”? It’s an interesting question for there is no simple answer to it. Even I am not sure of my attitude towards synths. This question is placed before Laura’s (Katherine Parkinson) family, when they get a new synth Anita (Gemma Chan).

One of my most favourite stories, which I am sure is yet to reveal and expand itself, is the story of an old man George (William Hurt) and his old production synth Odi (Will Tudor). Their story is about the attachment you can have with a synth, love and friendship and family bond you can grow. I am more than excited to see where the story goes and I already expect my heart broken soon.

I stongly recommend watching this show. It is shot brilliantly, I can’t stop admiring the choice of the cast and the soundtrack is sure to get a good grip on your heart. Don’t forget to share your opinion with me in comments!

Julia x


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