Owl Simple Things – Jazz Night


Hello, dear reader!

I am sorry for not writing during these past few days. I’m on a semi-hiatus due to my exam session and I don’t have much time to write. But I thought I’ll use some of my free time and share an event that I attended on Saturday.

We had an jazz nights week! I really wanted to drop by one of them, as they are free and fun, but I could never make it. And then it happened so that when I met up with my family, the jazz night just started in 10 minutes 100 meters away from us! There were so many people! Unfortunately I couldn’t get closer to the stage, but I danced a lot. Don’t ou just love jazz?

The night consisted of two parts – the first one was a performance of our most famous jazz band “Apple Tea“. They are fantastic! So much energy, so much movement in their music, I couldn’t just stand motionless.


The second part was performed by a British jazzman Denys Baptiste. Trust me, if you ever have a chance of visiting his performance, do it! He is a master of jazz, of sax! My musician’s ears and heart and soul were rejoicing with his music. It’s amazing how much power one can put in playing saxophone.

Apart from having a lot of fun, me and my family visited our City Hall, next to which the festival was held. There was a painting exhibition there and we enjoyed it a lot. The exhibition was dedicated to the famous rulers of my country and the country we used to be a part from. Fantastic art!




And what events have you attended recently?

Julia x.


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