Owl Simple DIY: A Chalkboard Inspired Coffee Badge


Hello, dear reader!

It appears I become a fan of chalkboards. I dowloand free chalkboard fonts, I buy chalkboard paints and I absolutely love white writing on black surfaces. This lead me to creating this small badge that can be turned into a magnet or could be sent by mail to your coffee-addicted friends. Want to make such a badge yourself? Continue reading!


  1. A wooden badge. It can be of any shape you like. I bought a set of pre-cut badges in a craft store.
  2. White acrylic paint. You may reverse my tutorial and use black acrylic paint, it depends on your badge idea.
  3. Flat brush. I like using a large flat brush as it spreads the paint quickly and carefully. Highly recommended!
  4. VersaFine Onyx Black Ink Pad. It’s my most favourite black inkpad. It dries immediately and gives you a very intense black colour. I have this pad for about a year already and it’s still working perfectly well!
  5. A white ink pad. There is quite a range of them, but I used Simon Says Stamp one. It’s not on the picture and I will explain why later.
  6. A coffee-related stamp set. I used Simon Says Stamp set that came in one of their monthly kits and I love it endlessly. They stamp very well and give you many interesting ideas.

I am quite a newbie at working with wooden billets, so I may be doing something wrong, please, note this. But I will describe the way I made this wooden badge. Feel free to add points in comments!

Step 1.

First of all, decide what exactly you want to see on your badge. Since I already had a coffee stamp set, I knew at once what I wanted to make. You can try and create a border around the edge if you have a matching stamp set or create a new idea for it. Creativity must flow!

Step 2. 

You need to paint the wooden piece with white acrylic paint. Do it carefully and quickly, try to use a wide brush to cover more surface at one go. Leave the piece dry. Make sure you leave it for enough time, as the next steps might ruin your badge or your stamps if the paint is still wet. My acrylic paint dries quite quickly, but you should check the bottle of yours for approximate drying period.

Step 3.

When your badge is dry, prepare your stamp set. If you are following my idea, then mount the cup on your stamp press or an acrylic block and stamp it, using the VersaFine ink pad. Make sure you put enough ink on your stamp and that you press it well. If it didn’t work well, do it once more, this is no biggie. When you are done with the cup, add a speech bubble. I had to re-stamp the bubble about 3 times to give it the dense black colour I wanted, but it may depend in your case. Leave the badge to dry.

Step 4.

When your stamping has dried, take a sentiment and stamp it, using the white ink pad. Unfortunately, my ink pad didn’t work very well over the VersaFine ink, so I had to write over it with a white gel pen (this is why the white pad is not on the picture). I hope it works for you though. I must say that a white gel pen is a must have for a card maker or just a creative person.

Step 5.

Ready! Now leave the white ink or gel pen dry and there, you have a badge! If you want, you can glue a magnet on the back of it, but I decided to leave the badge as it is.

I hope you found this DIY tutorial useful. Feel free to send me pictures of what you made or link them up in comments or post on your blog and link your blog here! I’ll be glad to take a look.

Have a crafty week,



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