Owl Simple Haul: Art&Craft Supplies

Hello there, my dear reader! How have you been this fine summer week?

I keep spending money! Sounds good, doesn’t it? Last week I decided to go on craft shopping and buy things that aren’t usually on my TO BUY craft list. I can’t say I failed, as I bought items of my frequent use and items that I have never bought before. Let’s see how it will go.

I’d love to share with you my new art supplies!

1. BASIC GREY Persimmon 6×6″ Pad


Do you see these birds? See them? Well, they are the reason I bought this set at all. I love these birds! I want to make so much with them that I don’t even know where to start. Tags, Project Life cards, mail art cuts – anything!

2. Rayher DecoArt Tafelfarbe


I have long wanted to buy a chalkboard for my room. A small one, a big one, it doesn’t matter. But when I have come across an actual paint to make it, I decided – go for it, Julia! Why not try and make it myself? I haven’t yet figured out how to correctly use it, but I am sure with the help of Internet and more tries I will get to it.

3. Craquelure varnish


Don’t you just love the look of cracks in various items? Shabby, cracked, vintage. I just can’t help it, I love everything vintage. I have been in love with it forever, I think. Now I can imitate the vintage look for all my painting and decoupage attempts.

4. Acrylic paints (red and ocher)


I quite enjoy painting wooden billets. I had a little stand for some of my supplies, that I painted in TARDIS. Now I have some wooden deco pieces to be painted and enhanced. So these two little paints (which last forever and cost hilariously little and give you this shiny metallic look) are a great addition to my acrylic paints collection. I still miss black, though!

5. Wooden billets (badges)


In addition to a previous point, I bought a small set of wooden badges. Three of them have already been painted and one of them I will show in some of my next posts. I don’t really know what to do with them yet – perhaps, paint and send some as gifts to my friends?

6. Butterfly Stencil


I. Love. Stencils. That’s it. I have very little of them yet, I think only two sets, but they are amazing and I’m going to improve my collection. These butterflies give me so many ideas – decorate envelopes, make art journal pages, make cards and oh, so much more. I will definitely feature the envelope decorating with stencils in my next Awesomeness Of Everything blog post this Saturday.

7. Small Canvas


Guess who can’t paint? Correct, me. I just can’t. But I can enjoy myself by spreading the paint over canvas, making simple patterns or even writing quotes. I have already painted this canvas with gouache and created a space-like piece of canvas to put on my piano. Then I went and spoilt it with a pearl pen, but that’s another story.

I hope you enjoyed looking through my new supplies! Please, tell me in comments what crafty supplies have you bought last week or this month?



11 thoughts on “Owl Simple Haul: Art&Craft Supplies

  1. I know what you could do with the Wooden billets (badges), you can paint them with the chalkboard paint… And glue some magnets on the back or velcro! 🙂


    • Yeah, that was one of my ideas too! I think I’ll buy some magnets and enhance our fridge (which already has like 30 magnets :D). Could always go for the gifts though!


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