Owl Simple Planning: How I Accidently Created A Planner


Hello, dearies!

Here we are, three days into summer. I don’t have many plans for rest yet, but I have some job to do. My uni exam session is round the corner and I need to prepare English lessons for my parents and for a friend. My head goes round!

I have long been willing to get myself a nice planner, but unfortunately as of now I can’t afford it. I decided to print out some pages and see if planning works for me at all. Once I printed and cut them, I suddenly got inspired! I ripped out old pages out of my old work notebook and inserted the newly printed pages. And wow, I loved it! Then I cut the notebook, cut the cover from my scrapbooking paper and voila. A temporary personal planner is ready!


I have explored some Youtube videos on planner decoration ideas and went into battle. I used some washi tape to create borders and mask things I didn’t need, then I used some stickers as well as my colourful pens.

  • I used teal washi tape to crate 4 parts of my planner: mail, home, work/blog and personal.
  • I used music note washi tape to mark two shifts of my online work as a blues hostess for a DJ
  • Using the blue pen, I marked my piano practice. Even if I practice every day, I do like seeing my days busy on paper
  • Since it’s summer, I decided to go for some cleaning, destashing and re-organizing this week.
  • The printables I used already has water glasses. I do need to learn to drink water every day!

You can download the pages from here.

And this is my first ever try for planning! Tell me, what planner do you use?



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