Owl Simple Tips: Ephemera – It’s Closer Than You Think


Hello, my dear reader!

Some time ago I have won an ephemera giveaway. And I must say it was awesome! my inner stationery monster was so delighted. But then a question arose – where can I get such treasures myself? What can I use as little inserts in my snail mail, as little gifts and tags and so much more?


My question was answered a few months ago, when I made another visit to a large craft store. They have loads of scrapbooking paper. And suddenly among it I found paper, that can be cut into something. There weren’t patterns, there were Project Life cards, ready to be cut, there were tags, ticket-like cuts, just images and cards. Naturally, I have grabbed a huge stack of various papers and brought them home to be cut.


I am doing this till today! This is what I have cut this afternoon. I am absolutely in love with the chalk-imitating ephemera, it looks fantastic! I think I’d try and find it again, I don’t think I’ll have enough of this beauty!

And what are your tips to finding ephemera, tags and et cetera?



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