Fine Blogging Routine


As many beginning bloggers I made a mistake. I thought blogging is easy!

No way it is. But i don’t say I don’t like it. Every day I am thinking of what to talk about, how to relay it to my readers (even being a pretty new blogger), what kind of pictures I want and need to take. It takes time and efforts, but it’s definitely worth it. Blogging helps you put your mind in a right place and let it flow in a good direction.

To help myself with blogging, I have decided to print out some nice blogging planners. This is my weekly planner page. As of now I don’t have an actual planner, but I do like keeping printables in one place, decorate them and fill them in. Today I’ve dedicated some time to planning out my next week blogging. So far not much, but I am getting there!

And what have you done today to improve your blogging experience?



3 thoughts on “Fine Blogging Routine

  1. That insert looks great! And indeed, blogging insn’t easy! πŸ™‚ Coming up with new stuff and challenging your creative mind is anything but easy! πŸ˜‰ I can definitely relate!


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