Forgotten Books


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This is my motto for this summer. I have started quite a lot of books and never finished them. I feel guilty, because I do enjoy reading. My bookshelf keeps being updated with various editions of Victorian and Regency literature and many other books. And they are added to the ones with bookmarks inside, all forgotten on the shelf.

My plan is to finish reading “Mansfield Park” by Jane Austen. I absolutely love her books and I have collected nearly all the famous ones. I enjoy the way she expresses her thoughts and I love the derision of characters with obviously bad traits. Jane Austen’s language is truly the British treasure. “Mansfield Park” has caught my attention nearly at once. An interesting story of a poor girl called Fanny Price, sent to live with her rich relatives. A story of love, relationship and many conversations about good and bad. It’s very Jane Austen-ish!

My next step is to read “The Chronicles of Narnia” by C. S. Lewis. I had this book for ages and never read it. I think it’s good time to do it. I have seen the movies and loved them. Now I want to see how different they are from the original stories in the book. This is my goal – read it to the end!

What are you planning to read or reading right now? I’ll be happy to hear some suggestions!



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