Stationery Mini-Haul: Washi Tapes, Postcards, Gel Pens


Hello there, dear reader!

I have recently realised that I am absolutely addicted to all things mail and stationery. Okay, a lie, I knew it long ago. But I never thought I’ll be so fond of various gel pens! I just keep buying them, I already have a set of pastel gel pens that have a fruit smell. So yesterday I couldn’t pass by and bought a small set of new gel pens. There is nothing special about them, but I do like the juicy colour they give.


Also I finally bought a set of 4 washi tapes that I found in our central bookshop. It’s from HEYDRA and it’s awesome! I do recomment their washi tapes. They often come in 4, and this pack costs only about 2$ here. Though it’s not very long, maybe 4-5 meters, but it’s good and interesting to touch. I haveone or two more packs of washi tapes from HEYDRA. I hope they release more and the central bookshop restocks them. That reminds me that they have a set of 3 colourful lace washi tapes…

POSTCARDS. Who doesn’t love postcards. I don’t even send as much as I buy them πŸ˜€ I am a postcrosser, I need postcards – this is my excuse. I got a variety of them, from tourist ones to artsy ones. I do love a good postcard!

And what did you buy to treat your inner stationery monster?



9 thoughts on “Stationery Mini-Haul: Washi Tapes, Postcards, Gel Pens

    • It’s quite rare to find 4 pieces for such a gorgeous price, so I just couldn’t miss the bargain πŸ˜€ Unfortunately in other places the price is much higher. My favourite craft store sells packs of 4 washi tapes for about 6-7$. But the rolls are of a bit better quality, they are also longer and vary in width. Still too much, in my humble opinion!
      But thank you πŸ˜€ For your comment!


  1. I love buying washi tape. Cant wait till I visit America in 2 weeks and buy some there. Keep on seeing such cool rolls on blogs and cant get them here. I also love scented pencils and gel pens. Awesome !! πŸ˜ƒ


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